Function features  functionary Silence performance
Leading designed ultra-thin 215mm machine body

Adopts the high efficiency round heat exchanger for even energy distribution. The body is substantially reduced to 215mm. Even the narrow ceiling can be easily installed upgrading the freedom of installation.

Low-noised thin blade turbo fan.

Low-noised thin blade turbo fan coupled with round heat exchanger for even blast pressure and good efficiency, noise is lowered to 32dB good acoustics.

High performance air purifier

Can filter out the particle and odor, preventing dust attaching to the heat exchanger and keeping perfect indoor atmosphere quality. Seldom need the service and cleansing for heat exchange

Light weight body design

The blade of turbo fan is thinned to reduce the body size substantially to 19kg with faceplate 6kg only, easy for moving-in, upgrading the convenience of construction

Blast direction can be changed according to the environmen

The blast direction can be set to three-direction or two-direction by windshield according to the environment condition to achieve the most effective air-conditioning

The best choice for 5m high ceiling

SYT-05020632 single cold and air condition type can be installed to a space with high ceiling such as office, store or high-ceiling house. The air stream can easily reach to the floor even far from 3.5m high ceiling.   Comfortable air-conditioned environment is created. The height is optional on the machine panel for the elevation depth of inhaling gate, safe and simple cleansing.

Panel cambered surface layer design

Matching with the ceiling decoration, the panel is flat cambered surface layer designcasting away the stereotype of big and heavy 

oppressing style with the aesthetic that beautify the ceiling.

Collocated with four-direction auto swing air

stream outlet for higher efficiency of air-conditioning achieving even indoor comfort promptly.

Dustproof design to ceiling

The outlet is designed to restrain the rise of air stream, reducing attachment of filth in the air to the ceiling around the machine. The indoor appearance is well kept.