Can perform great efficiency in big space and irregular equipped field. The convenience of usage and freedom of installation give more comfort to the customers in new era.

Individual use for two rooms of different purposes, convenient and the most economic unit.

Large cooling power, space-saving installation, the most economic unit.

     Brief of system

    Brief of system

  • Same volume, individual operation.

  • Individual cooling system

  • Low-cost, space-saving.

  • Unit for different kind of room

  • Energy-saving, space-saving.
  • High efficiency individual cooling system
  • Can individually or synchronously operate in plenty of rooms.

Bring the economy and comfort into full play in large or small store, office and residence.

Can individually or synchronously operate in rooms of different purposes.

Suitable for large-sized shopping mall, office and equipment of irregular shape.

 Brief of system   Brief of system Brief of system
  • Strong cold, energy-saving, good cooling efficiency, good adaptability.

  • Field piping 20mm, no need of refrigerant

  • Individually or synchronously operate collocated with model of same volume or different volume.

  • Space-saving installation, low-cost.

  • Suitable for unit in different kind of space.

  • Indoor unit can be installed on different storey.

  • Time-saving and labor-saving.

  • Can individually or synchronously operate.

  • Can be collocated with indoor unit of different volume for different space, good cooling efficiency.